If you are working in the health and life sciences and have any of the following roles, then you should be our customer:


Discover organizations that are working in the same or related clinical space of your interest


Identify early-stage technologies to inform your research time, money and attention


Find freedom to operate, potential licensing partners or investors


Follow which technologies, organizations and people are receiving funding

Helping you make better-informed decisions about where to direct your time, money and attention

MavenVue's software provides business and "medical intelligence" to life science professionals by uncovering relationships between diseases, genes, chemicals, drugs, trials, therapeutics and organizations across a database of over 200 million records. Our mission is to help you make better-informed decisions about where to direct your time, money, and attention.

For the past several years, we have been working closely with leading research hospitals to build a software tool to answer questions that inform their executive decisions relevant to their investment strategy, licensing and commercialization of their intellectual property, how to allocate their research dollars and to track their competition in order to remain leaders in medical breakthroughs.


Competitive Intelligence

MavenVue reveals the technologies your competitors are actively pursuing and how far along they are in the innovation process. We give you the ability to follow the money, by showing the top commercial and academic organizations that are receiving funding or investing in a technology area. We also show which organizations are leading research, clinical trials, and protecting intellectual property within a technology area. By tracking competitive activity over time, MavenVue sheds light on the potential threats that lie ahead, helping you make informed decisions on which opportunities you should pursue.

Identify & Scout Emerging Technologies

MavenVue brings the latest innovations from commercial, academic and government research organizations around the world to you in a few clicks. We show you the experts and the organizations receiving funding, leading research, publishing, patenting and sponsoring clinical trials in a specific technology or therapeutic space to inform your decisions around investments, licensing, acquisitions and research spend.


Life Science Intelligence

MavenVue's initial focus is helping health and life science organizations make informed decisions that drive innovation in healthcare by connecting the dots between technologies, diseases, and the organizations working or investing in those technologies. We give our users the ability to see how technologies are being applied in medicine by showing relationships amongst genes, chemicals, FDA approved drugs, therapeutic targets, and organizations working in related spaces allowing users to quickly identify potential competitors or collaboration partners.

Commercialization Help

We want to help inventors monetize and commercialize their  IP by giving them prior art searching capabilities and insight into potential partners or investors.  Our software helps organizations and investors find IP assets, inventors and start-ups looking for partners or cash.


Distilling data into Innovation

Innovation can come from anywhere, including technologies borrowed from distinctly different fields or unrelated applications. MavenVue reveals non-obvious relationships amongst research, patents, or therapeutics that may not be directly related to an existing technology, but could prove to be an incremental improvement or transformative.

About MavenVue

MavenVue is comprised of highly experienced software engineers, data scientists, life science experts and analysts. Our software is meant to help both domain experts and business professionals by giving views from multiple perspectives. Whether you are seeking opportunities and need a an understanding of a technology and the players in the space, or you want to do a deep dive into patents and therapeutics, MavenVue's software provides exactly what you need. You do not have to be a Domain Expert in all things Life Science to use our application because we have designed analytics in the background to help you find similar and related information, including the patents, research, organizations, trials and money related to the science or technology.

Our priority is providing value and individualized service to each of our customers. We want to hear from you and understand how we can make your job easier, save you time and help you make confident decisions based on data!

“Opportunity is everywhere. The key is to develop the vision to see it.”